Receiving Encrypted Emails

When an email is sent to a contact who doesn't have CloudMask, they will automatically get set up in order to see data you have sent to them.

Getting set up allows your contact to create their own secret key that is consequently used to encrypt data shared with them. Only with their key can emails sent to them, previously or moving forward, be decrypted.  

Recipients can read emails at no cost and with no installation requirements. 

Recipient without CloudMask

Here is what is seen by recipients who are not yet using CloudMask:

  1. CloudMask Protected Message in their inbox; where subject line, body and any attachments are encrypted.
  2. Within the body is Unmask Message button. This will initiate process described in Signing Up.unmasking.gif
  3. A notification will instantaneously be sent out to you once your recipient joins CloudMask. Click Trust, as described in Trusting Contacts.
  4. After recipient becomes a Trusted Contact, they will be able to access data shared with them previously and moving forward.

Recipients with CloudMask

When a recipient has a CloudMask account, they can receive unlimited encrypted emails.

Contacts with Chrome extension access emails as they regularly would in Gmail. Contacts using mobile app see encrypted emails with distinguishable padlock indicator in the subject line.

Contacts using web mode see encrypted emails as CloudMask Protected Message in their inbox. They read and reply to emails from CloudMask Portal. 

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