Inviting Contacts

Invite contacts, with whom you want to share encrypted data, to join CloudMask.

Contacts who join CloudMask create their own secret key, exclusive to their profile/device. Public keys can then be exchanged and data is encrypted accordingly so that only communicating parties can decrypt shared data. 

Inviting contacts can be done in 2 different ways:

  1. Adding Contacts from Contacts Page
  2. Sharing encrypted data: automatically invites new contacts

Adding Contacts From Contacts Page

Access Contacts Page, as described in Managing Contacts, to ADD CONTACT

  • Contacts with CloudMask will be added to your list of Trusted Contacts, with whom you can share encrypted data with seamlessly. 
  • Contacts without CloudMask will be sent an invitation email and you will be notified once they join to conclude key exchange, as described in Trusting Contacts


Sharing Encrypted Data

Recipients with CloudMask will be added to your list of Trusted Contacts and can seamlessly access shared data. Recipients without CloudMask will be invited to join CloudMask in order to access shared data; visit Trusting Contacts to see what follows.  

Share encrypted data with a new contact as described per application:

  1. Sending Encrypted Emails
  2. Sharing Encrypted Folders & Files
  3. Protecting Clio Connect & Email
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