Storing Encrypted Data

To start storing your private documents:

  1. Create a Secure Folder;
  2. Upload your files into Secure Folder

Creating Secure Folders

Everything stored in Secure Folders is only accessible to you and your authorized contacts with their associated secret keys. Without secret keys, the entire content of the folders are encrypted and locked down.

To create a Secure Folder:

  1. Click New to create a new folder.
  2. You will be prompted to indicate if the folder should be secure.
  3. Click YES to create a Secure Folder. Once created, the folder will have a distinguishable padlock indicator beside folder name.


Uploading Files to Secure Folders

CloudMask is compatible with all file types. Upload files within Secure Folders, the way you would standard folders. 

Files uploaded into Secure Folders will have distinguishable padlock indicators beside file names. Folder and file names are encrypted and files will be locked down to all unauthorized and inadvertent parties. 

For trialling users, every file you store gets counted towards your total 30 complimentary records.


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