Protecting Matters

You can selectively choose whether or not to protect a Matter. Use Lock button found on the bottom-right of your screen, to enable encryption to the fields selected in your security policy.

Protecting a new Matter does not require additional steps. Simply ensure that:

  • CloudMask Padlock, on the bottom right-hand corner, is blue (enabled).
  • The fields which will be protected will display a distinguishable padlock adjacent to their title.


Protecting Pre-Existing Matters

To protect previously created Matters:

  1. Edit a Matter as usual. Notice that the CloudMask Padlock, in the bottom-right corner, is open and grey, indicating that this Matter is not protected.
  2. Click on CloudMask Padlock so that it turns blue.
  3. Once saved, fields with distinguishable padlock indicators will be protected.


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