Protecting Documents

CloudMask protects documents which are placed under folders designated as Secure. All files uploaded to secure folders will be encrypted regardless of file type.

CloudMask not only encrypts the content of folders/files but also their names.

Only you and authorized users, with their associated secret keys, can decrypt protected documents. Without secret keys, the entire content of the folders are encrypted and locked down.

To start storing your private documents:

  1. Create a Secure Folder.
  2. Upload your files into Secure Folder.

Creating Secure Folders

To create a Secure Folder:

  1. Create a new Folder under the Documents tab.
  2. As soon as you click Save, a new dialogue will prompt you if you wish to secure this folder.
  3. Click Yes to create a secure folder. Please note that choosing No will create a regular folder without CloudMask protection.

Folders and Documents that have been protected by CloudMask, display a distinguishable padlock indicator next to their names. 

Uploading Files to Secure Folders

Any files uploaded to a Secure Folder will be protected. File names are encrypted and files are locked down to unauthorized and inadvertent parties.


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