Protecting Clio Connect & Email

To share Documents, Matter, Task, or Bills with end-to-end encryption, be sure that:

  • The shared record has a padlock indicating that it is indeed protected.
  • You have already trusted the recipient's CloudMask account, refer to Inviting Contacts.

Sharing with New Contacts

When sharing a protected record with a contact for the first time, the following process occurs:

  1. Once you have shared the protected record, Invite/ Trust New Contact? dialogue is displayed.
  2. Ensure that the contact information is accurate. If so, click Confirm to proceed.
  3. The recipient will receive an invitation email to join CloudMask.
  4. Once their account is created, you'll be notified to confirm their identity in order to conclude the exchange of secret keys. Please refer to Trusting Contacts for clarity, if needed.

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