Signing Up

You can run CloudMask on any number of your devices, each with its own secret key. Secret keys never leave your devices and are the only way to access your encrypted data.

Your account is created when you sign up on your first device. There are 3 ways you can set up a device: 

  1. Web 
  2. Extension - recommended
  3. Mobile - recommended 

Web Mode

CloudMask Web doesn't require any installation. It allows you to manage your account and access your encrypted emails from any device.


Chrome Extension

CloudMask Chrome extension is designed to work with your existing applications, allowing you to use them the way you're accustomed to. Refer to Managing Apps to see which apps you can use with CloudMask. 

CloudMask recommends using Chrome extension for your security and convenience.


Mobile App (Android)

CloudMask mobile app provides a full email client with end-to-end encryption. More importantly, it is the best way to control access to your devices and contacts.

Your mobile app automatically opens up when you are trying to access encrypted emails from any other email client.


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