Managing Contacts

When you communicate with a contact for the first time, keys are exchanged to ensure data can only be decrypted using your contact's secret key. 

As secret keys are never shared with anyone, not even CloudMask, you control which contacts can see your data. If the contact has not yet joined CloudMask, you will be notified to trust them once they have created their secret key. You can even revoke their access at any time.

The Contacts Page allows to perform the following operations:

Accessing Contacts Page

You can manage your contacts from:

  1. Extension
  2. Mobile
  3. Web

Chrome Extension 

From your CloudMask extension, control who sees data for your application(s).


Mobile App (Android)

From your mobile device trust contacts on the fly to grant access to shared data, so there is no delay in information exchange as soon as contacts join CloudMask.


Web Mode

Login to CloudMask Portal from any device to trust contacts so they can see encrypted data shared with them as soon as they join CloudMask.


Understanding Contact Status

In your Contacts Page, notice the 3 separate panes, representing the different status of each contact you want to share data with. Each pane has relevant actions required for every stage.

Contact Status Description

Contacts you have invited to use CloudMask but have yet to join.

Contacts can be invited in one of two different ways.

Pending Trust

Contacts you invited and have subsequently joined CloudMask. Require you to trust them.

Invitation born as a result of sharing data encrypted data with contacts before they join CloudMask. 


Contacts that you can seamlessly exchange encrypted data with.

Any contacts you invite that are CloudMask users. 

Trusted contacts can be revoked to deny access to shared data.

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