Trusting Contacts

When a contact joins CloudMask and creates their own secret key, communicating parties must exchange keys with one another in order to share encrypted data. This ensures that only the intended recipient(s) can decrypt and read information. Contacts that have exchanged secret keys become Trusted Contacts

CloudMask's peer-to-peer trust, allows you to choose with whom you want to exchange your secret key. Refer to Inviting Contacts too see how this done.

Contacts without CloudMask are required to be Trusted once they join CloudMask, to access any data shared with them previously or moving forward. 

Trusting contacts can be done in 2 different ways:

  1. Trusting contacts from Contacts Page
  2. Granting trust from inbox

Trust from Contacts Page

Access your Contacts Page, as described in Managing Contacts. Go to Pending Contacts pane, to see Contacts who have joined CloudMask, seeking to access data you shared with them. Tick allows you to trust a contact and conclude key exchange. 


Trust from Email

You'll receive an email notification in your inbox from your recipient, once they have signed up with CloudMask. This will take you to your Contacts Page, where you'll be prompted trust contact.   


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